Do The Go Playground Share Links Expire?


I’ve just started my journey learning Golang and I’ve been practicing primarily in The Go Playground. In my notes, I’ve kept links to the code I’ve practiced. Before I continue using the playground this way, I wanted to ask: do I need to worry about Go Playground share links not working anymore?



As far as I know, the Go team doesn’t share any thoughts on links expire. My old links work pretty well, but if you plan to store code snippets in Playground, I would say that Github & Github Gists is a better place for it.

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Thanks, I’ve also just started actually using GitHub as well, so I’ll make sure to (learn how to) add them there.

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Yeah - echoing what @s0xzwasd said, I don’t believe they have an official stance on whether or not they will ever prune old code from the playground. If you don’t want to lose your code, store it in a github repo (learning how to use source control is a great skill as well if you’re not already proficient). That said, take a look at this answer on StackOverflow. It has playground links from 2016 that are still working fine. So, it’s reasonable to assume Google isn’t going to prune your code.


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