Dlv debugging doesnt read environment variables in vscode

I am trying to use dlv debugger integrated in vscode , this doesnt seems to read the environment variables in either ~/.bash_profile or in env parameter in launch.json
did anyone has luck with debugging in vscode and able to read env variables correctly

ps: executing this from terminal works , integrated debugger doesnt work


Why should vscode evaluate your bash config files?

Perhaps it works if you start vscode from terminal, as it will inherit the environment from the shell then.

it is only when I run the delve with go , start debugging , or run test or debug test menu of vscode I face this issue
I have used vscode with node and I didnt see this issue
I have also tried vscode from command line and it didnt work
something wrong with dlv and macos

my issue is same as https://github.com/Microsoft/vscode-go/issues/947

it says the issue is fixed ,but I still see the issue

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