Discourse vs NodeBB

I plan to run a non programming related forum, so I would like to ask admins are you happy with Discourse, did you consider NodeBB, etc, so experiences running a big forum using Discourse. Thank you in advance.


I am not a golangbridge admin.
but I did try the 2 forums you mentioned.

Installing discourse was a bit painful.
Installing NodeBB was easier to install.

Both were taking a rather big amount of RAM (both of them recommand at least 1-2Gb of RAM)

In the end, I wasn’t completely impressed.
After some investigations, I’ve found a Go-based forum:

but the main developper didn’t merge my PRs.

so I wrote my own thing:

it’s based on buffalo.

You are welcome to try it, test it, break it and report issues :slight_smile: (and send PRs too)


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I tried NodeBB meanwhile and I like it. At least it is much easier to set and you don’t need Docker to run it. But thanks for the link, it is nice to know that there are Go options as well :blush:

on top of the rather important memory usage of NodeBB, the thing that I didn’t manage to make work was to send emails (optionally) for every post being created on the forum.
(that was something I needed for the community I wanted to host on the forum. Saloon allows to do that.)

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