Direct conversion between slice of string vs slice of subtype of string

Hello folks,

i’ve got a subtype of string, called “Key”, with some additional semantics (some funcs for splitting out components or creating new keys of others …):

type Key string
func (k Key) Foo() {...}

Assinging strings to keys and back is trivial ( k := Key(str) vs s := string(k) ), but with slices
that doesn’t seem to work that way. So, always have to copy slices element by element :frowning:

Theorectically, string and Key should be convertible to each other, since both in the end are just string.

Is there any way to do the conversion w/o explicitly copying one slice to another, element by element ?

I’m not sure if you fully aware of how slices actually have an underlying array as a data-structure? This example demonstrates differences between assigning or copying a slice (using builtin copy-function), play with the t-boolean I set up and experiment when changing keys1 actually changes keys2 as well because of the same underlying array:

(This does not solve your problem yet. It just illustrates the underlying array and the pointers involved.)

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