Difference between fan-in and multiple producer single consumer

Hi experts,

What is the difference between the following terms?

  1. fan-in pattern and multiple producer single consumer pattern
  2. fan-out pattern and single producer multiple consumer pattern
  3. Turnout pattern and multiple producer multiple consumer pattern

I am new to Golang. Any help would be appreciated.

I recommend you two videos:


HI @yhgupta,

Not sure what your question is aiming at, but in general Iā€™d say the pairs in each line are related to each other. For example, the fan-in pattern connects multiple producers to one consumer.

This Go Blog article has a section on fan-in and fan-out.

@christophberger My question is, is there any difference between the pairs mentioned in each of the lines or are they the same?

This would much depend on the definitions that you have for each of these terms. In general I would consider the pairs the same or very close related.

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