Detecting as a virus

My go application is detecting as a virus.

What will be the issue

There are many possible reasons (and solutions), but all of them boil down to the fact that some Windows virus scanners either cannot properly distinguish between locally compiled binaries and malware, or they intentionally consider locally compiled binaries as a possible threat.

It is working from past 3 year. Suddenly it is got stopped. I am speechless in fron off the client.

I will lose trust in front of client

This has always been a problem for me when I was forced to use windows, luckily I rarely was…

Does the same problem exist for you in the WSL? Would using that be a workaround for you?

Can you disable your AV for the presentation?

Can’t you just explain to your client, that this is an overcautious AV?

Can’t you prebuild to some location and exclude that from scanning, rather than using go run?

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