Design pattern exercises, in Golang?

Hi all,

Can anyone recommend me a good tutorial about design patterns, preferably with Golang exercises/examples ?

Disclaimer: I don’t concern myself with design patterns in Golang, mainly because most of them in my opinion complicate things unnecessarily.

I did however see someone share a go lib with examples of design patterns: GitHub - EthanEFung/roast-my-go-oodp: Bad Object Oriented Design Pattern Examples in Go

Hope that helps.


You can have a look here but, as @CurtGreen said, some of them might make the code less idiomatic

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Fellow Gophers,

I know that obsessing about design patterns can make the code harder to read, and that it is not an exact science. But we should embrace and welcome them, not fear them.

well I’ve just said that some of them are designed having full OO language in mind and Go isn’t

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