Design a program that calculates the study average

Design a program that calculates the study average

Ask for max. 9 (restrict as you want marks in the format A B B A C E F Z X (without or with spaces [or Enter]):
The program can accept the following values:
A, B, C, D, E, FX (F), X, Z, NZ
if the value is entered incorrectly, the program deletes the incorrect value and continues
exit with ENTER key

The program converts the values ​​as follows:
A, Z - 1
B - 1.5
C - 2
D - 2.5
E - 3
F, FX NZ - 4
X - 0

The program goes on:

Calculates the average
Detects the full number of marks
It then makes an arithmetic mean
The program prints the resulting average (rounded to 2 numbers, the third is rounded!), Eg:
Average: 2.81
The program ends

thank you

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