Dero: CryptoNote protocol + smart contracts using golang

Hello, my name is Serena, I’m the Community Manager at a blockchain project called Dero. We use a protocol called CryptoNote that was originally written in C++. The developers at the Dero Project have rewritten most of the codebase to golang and we would like to start some discussion within the development and open source communities.

The core cryptography and functionally (rewritten in golang) is working and available on GitHub for limited evaluation and testing. We would genuinely value the feedback from this community. The following is what I’ve posted to a couple other communities as well.

DERO: Privacy + Smart Contracts

Dero at present is a code fork of Monero (Helium Hydra) with the Bytecoin CryptoNote protocol.

Dero will be a completely new blockchain technology integrating the CryptoNote protocol with new smart contract controls.

Dero is being rewritten from C++ to Golang (Google Language) to bring together CryptoNote and smart contracts on the Dero blockchain.

No ICO just hard POW mining :slight_smile:

CryptoNote protocol implementation in Golang is almost completed and available on GitHub for basic testing/evaluation.

GitHub: (Golang version for testing purposes only at this time)


Dero has a very welcoming community and we would enjoy the opportunity to have you join us!

FULL DISCLOSURE: My name is Serena, I’m the Community Manager at the Dero Project

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