Deploy multiple Go-based AWS Lambda functions

Hi everyone!
My name is George. I am new to Golang and this Forum. I came here in search of help from Go-professionals.
While taking my first steps in the language, I’ve already met a problem. It is not a problem of the language itself, but rather of its integration with AWS Lambda functions. Currently, I am trying to deploy multiple Go-based Lambda Functions within a single Serverless (AWS CloudFormation) stack. While doing so, AWS requires all the functions to be handled by a root-located (relative to the directory of the code) bootstrap file. This means that all implementations of the functions should be compiled into a single bootstrap file while being deployed. How do I overcome this restriction? Has anyone encountered the same limitation too, while working with Go + AWS Lambda?

Attaching an AWS Documentation URL where the limitation is described - Deploy Go Lambda functions with .zip file archives - AWS Lambda