Deleting repository

I’m evaluationg Golang to use in our company. As far as I understand the module dependencies, they are directly connected to github.
Let’s say we have a lot of dependencies for different projects to a repository and the owner of the repository renames or even worse deletes it. Does that mean that all the code is broken?

How can we avoid this risk?

You could fork the repositories so that if the original owner deletes it, you still have your own.

This increases maintenance overhead because you’d have to keep the fork synched with the original. It’s up to you if it’s worth that tradeoff of manual maintenance vs. risk of a repo being deleted.

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In addition, I guess the vendor folder still works but I wonder if the original owner delete the repository probably that project will become unmaintained and this may be also a problem.

Agreed it will become a problem but with some time to solve.

If an important repo is deleted and my programmers checkout our code from github, they don’t have the vendor folder. We are unable to build anything before fixing the problem

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