Defective information output?

I think displayed output is wrong!

Hey @sunheretic13, what exactly do you think is incorrect about the output?

If it is that it is displaying your array with brackets surrounding it, this is because you used %v which displays arrays and slices in brackets.

You probably also want to be using a regular slice by using []string instead of using [...]string since then you can call your print information like this:
fmt.Printf("%v\n", strings.Join(arr, " ")) which will display all values joined as a string by spaces if that’s what you were expecting.

You will probably hardly ever need to use an actual array like you have used as opposed to using a regular slice.

Edit: Here’s an example of what I described above:

Problem with native output %v
[Hello world and Hello world]

What do I see?
Brakets! Ok. Its array or slice
words - Ok. Its array/slice of strings
How many strings? I think 5. but in real - 4.
Something wrong in output, This is misleading.

It is a natural human perception, I would expect to see
[ “Hello” “world” “and” “Hello world”] or
[ “Hello”, “world”, “and”, “Hello world”]

I think it must be corrected in newest go releases

Javascript example:

a=[ “Hello”, “World”, “and”, “Hello World” ]

this display:
[“Hello”, “World”, “and”, “Hello World”]

It’s nornal. not ambigous

Printf with %v prints strings without quotes - hence also inside slices and arrays. See however the %#v format to get closer to what you want.

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Hmmm. Interesting…
More flexible that I think.
Thanks to calmh.
Topic closed (I thought go not supported it)

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Try the %q verb.

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