Deadlock when trying to send value to channel

I’m trying to make the web crawler exercise of Go tour. I know that there are these solutions but I’m trying to do it on my own way and I would like to know why these erros are happening

I tried to use WaitGroup and I continued getting errors, its commented how I used WaitGroup, also Mutex.
Why in the function Fetch I can’t send the value of i to the urls channel ?

Sorry in case of bad english.

[code]package main

import (

type Fetcher interface {
// Fetch returns the body of URL and
// a slice of URLs found on that page.
Fetch(url string, body, urls chan<- string, err chan<- error, id int /,wg sync.WaitGroup/)

// Crawl uses fetcher to recursively crawl
// pages starting with url, to a maximum of depth.
func Crawl(url string, depth int, fetcher Fetcher, body, urls chan string, err chan error, id int/, wg sync.WaitGroup/) {
// TODO: Fetch URLs in parallel.
// TODO: Don’t fetch the same URL twice.
// This implementation doesn’t do either:
if depth <= 0 {


go fetcher.Fetch(url, body, urls, err, id/*, wg*/)


//I'm getting an error here because err never receive a value 
if a := <-err; a != nil {

fmt.Printf("found: %s %q\n", url, body)

for u := range urls {
	Crawl(u, depth-1, fetcher, body, urls, err, id/*, wg*/)



func main() {
body := make(chan string)
urls := make(chan string)
err := make(chan error)
//var mutex sync.Mutex
//var wg sync.WaitGroup
id := 0

Crawl("", 4, fetcher, body, urls, err, &id/*, &wg*/)


// fakeFetcher is Fetcher that returns canned results.
type fakeFetcher map[string]*fakeResult

type fakeResult struct {
body string
urls []string

func (f fakeFetcher) Fetch(url string, body, urls chan<- string, err chan<- error, id int/, wg sync.WaitGroup/){


if res, ok := f[url]; ok {

	for _, i := range res.urls{
		fmt.Printf("Check, id: %d \n", *id)
		fmt.Printf("%T \n", i)
		urls <- i //I can't send this value here for some reason
	body <- res.body
	err <- nil
} else{
	body <- ""
	urls <- ""
	err <- fmt.Errorf("not found: %s", url)

//defer wg.Done()


// fetcher is a populated fakeFetcher.
var fetcher = fakeFetcher{”: &fakeResult{
“The Go Programming Language”,
},”: &fakeResult{
},”: &fakeResult{
“Package fmt”,
},”: &fakeResult{
“Package os”,
} [/code]


[code]Check, id: 1
fatal error: all goroutines are asleep - deadlock!

goroutine 1 [chan receive]:
main.Crawl(0x4b5615, 0x12, 0x4, 0x508340, 0xc04205c030, 0xc04200e300, 0xc04200e360, 0xc04200e3c0, 0xc04200a270)
C:/Users/kalem/Desktop/codigos/Go/webCrawlerTour.go:32 +0x117
C:/Users/kalem/Desktop/codigos/Go/webCrawlerTour.go:56 +0x10a

goroutine 5 [chan send]:
main.fakeFetcher.Fetch(0xc04205c030, 0x4b5615, 0x12, 0xc04200e300, 0xc04200e360, 0xc04200e3c0, 0xc04200a270)
C:/Users/kalem/Desktop/codigos/Go/webCrawlerTour.go:77 +0x251
created by main.Crawl
C:/Users/kalem/Desktop/codigos/Go/webCrawlerTour.go:27 +0xd5[/code]

Channels by default block on receiving and sending. Everything is pausing at that if statement waiting for something on the error channel. Also, for/range on channels will never finish until the channel is closed.

The way you’re trying to pull the body from the channel is wrong. Take a look at

I’d also restructure this using a worker pool. That same gobyexample site has an example of them.


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