Data Structures Algorithms with GO Examples


I made a GitHub Repository including DataStructures algorithms like (Arrays, Sorts, LinkedLists, etc.) related to GO language. I think it might be useful for the basic level.

Please don’t forget the support with pull-requests, requests and suggestions. :slight_smile:

Also don’t forget the give a Star if you like this examples. :slight_smile:

Thank you!

Minor complaint: The name is Go, not GO.

You might also consider to clean up the code a little. The first file I’ve opened, quick-sort.go made VSC show me these warnings:


If you want to provide a repository of example code, not only the implementation should be correct, the code should follow the recommendations for Go, too.

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Thank you for feed-back. I’m just starting to learn Go lang. I’ll research these warnings soon. Thank you! :slight_smile:

#Added binary-trees

Have Fun! :slight_smile:

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