D&K programming book

Did anyone else notice that the upcoming and seemingly authoritative book from Brian Kernighan, has its TOC updated?

Any comments? What else you find missing?


It’s preorder available on Amazon for like 4 months, but things happens after first shot…

Alan provided an update about this a few days back on the mailing list


The Pearson website says the eBook version will be available on

Estimated Release: Nov 13, 2015


Yes, I noticed that.

I’m really awaiting the book. Preordered it at day 1 it was announced. I hope it will be the defacto standard book for go as k&r is for C.


I am surprised how often this book is mentioned as K&D, even though it is actually a D&K book :slight_smile:


37% off pre-orders of the D&K Book: http://bit.ly/tgopl
Discount code: GOPRGRM37


:smiley: I guess the publisher has no idea about the legacy of K&R, haha.

Whoever gets the book delivered first, please post a review :slight_smile:


I can’t wait for the release of this book. I still feel that K&R is the best programming book even to this day and I’m hoping that K&D can get close to that standard. Unfortunately being in Australia it will take some extra time to get this book :frowning:

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I’m in third world currently and for me, USPS Int’l Priority takes roughly 10 days for Amazon’ian books to get here.
I think Amazon charges $20 for that; for a book weighing 4 pounds or so.

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What’s the story behind D&K book cover page ?
Why bridge in clouds ?

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Let me dig a bit to get you an answer. FWIW, the bridge on the cover is this one:


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According to Amazon, my copy is “Being shipped today”.

My copy was already shipped on the 1st Nov by Amazon.
I am hoping it gets here by next Thursday.

Thanks @carlisia! I ordered a few days ago. My hardcopy arrived a day or two ago (edit: ordered direct from informit site)

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From the inside cover:

Millau Viaduct, Tarn valley, southern France. A paragon of simplicity in modern engineering
design, the viaduct replaced a convoluted path from capital to coast with a direct route over
the clouds. © Jean-Pierre Lescourret/Corbis.


Amazon uk told me my pre-order was out of stock with an unknown lead time.

So I cancelled and ordered from http://www.pearsoned.co.uk/ instead. Arrived today :smiley:

Ordered. Dare we hope that the ebook ships immediately-ish? I really only want/need the PDF, the actual hardcopy book will be gifted to $workplace or someone in need. :smiley:

The ebook release date now says estimated Nov 20