Customizing LiteIDE - import suggestion

(cinematik) #1

How to customize import message box in LiteIDE?


(George Calianu) #2

I guess you must change the source code and recompile.

(cinematik) #3

Even if I just want to change font size?

(George Calianu) #4

You can change the fonts for tooltips from the theme (see liteide/share/liteide/liteapp/qss/ folder).

(cinematik) #5

It seems tool tip property does not affect in this case.

( Kvaz1r) #6

It would be better to open a new issue in LiteIde repo.

(George Calianu) #7

Try this in your favorite .qss theme:

QToolTip {
   font-size: 18px;


(cinematik) #8

This option does not affect the desired behaviour (at least for my configuration).