Crypto/TLS: golang version of openssl tpm engine

I’m looking for a golang version of openssl-tpm-engine, is there one? Not sure if golang TLS supports engines/plugins.
Could not find much info on this topic on the internet, the closest thing I found was the Decryptor and Signer interfaces (

Any pointers on this is greatly appreciated.
Thank you!

Try below code.
This generates TLS certificate files.
sudo go run $GOROOT/src/crypto/tls/generate_cert.go --host hostname


Looks like a Homebrew path. A universally applicable alternative would be $(go env GOROOT)/src....

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Thanks, I’m lazy:sunglasses:

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Sorry, I was not clear in my original question. I want to know if go tls supports engine/plugin similar to openssl engine where one could use the tpm to store the keys safely and programmatically load the engine and have openssl access/load the keys. similar to what has been described in this blog

You got pretty close, you additionally need tls.Config and tls.Certificate:

var decrypter crypto.Decrypter
decrypter = <implement this>

cert := &tls.Certificate{}
cert.<other fields>
cert.PrivateKey = decrypter

conn, err := tls.Dial("tcp", "", &tls.Config{
	Certificates: []{cert},

I only found one crypto.Decrypter implementation (besides -

However, I guess you could implement one with… or use some OpenSSL binding to call TPM.


Thanks Egon for the useful links.

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