Crypto AES GCM assembly code support for MIPSLE


 In short , i observed there is assembly language routines (asm_amd64.s) support for crypto aes/gcm ciphers  on x86, arm64, ppc etc platforms in "go/src/crypto/aes" folder which may give good crypto speeds on these platform when using any traffic intense VPN applications. Does the GO SDK supports assembly code based aes/gcm routines for MIPS processor? (like asm_mipsle.s or similar) to speedup the aes/gcm crypto speeds which can be used for high traffic secure applications on MIPSLE/MT7621.

Also, does the GO SDK supports bindings/plugin for crypto dev(dev/crypto) or AF_ALG socket support to communicate to Linux kernel in case , we want to use hardware engines on the SoC through skcipher or other interfaces.


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