Cross compile failed on windows

os : Windows 7 x64
go: 1.7.1 x64 msi
gcc: tdm64-gcc-5.1.0-2

I installed go in D:\Go, and want to cross compile a linux x64 version. I tried the following steps:

D:\Go\src>SET GOOS=linux
D:\Go\src>SET GOARCH=amd64

and get the following error:

Building Go bootstrap tool.


Building Go toolchain using D:\Go.

go: open D:\Go\src\runtime\internal\sys\zversion.go: The system cannot find the file specified.
go tool dist: FAILED: D:\Go\bin\go install -gcflags=-l -v bootstrap/…: exit status 1

How could I solve this problem? Thanks for andy help.

I think you’ve mixed up two independent concepts.

The first is uaing your windows machine to build a program to run on a Linux machine. In which case this is simply.

  SET GOOS=linux
  SET GOARCH=amd64
  go build $yourprogram

Where $yourprogram is the import path of your program. If compilation is successful a file called $yourprogram will be present in the current directory. It will be a 64bit Linux binary.

If instead you were hoping to use your windows machine to build a version of the go compiler and runtime that works on Linux, this is not the correct procedure. Instead I recommend you use the download tarball from and install it directly on your Linux host. There is no need to cross compile anything

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Thanks for your reply.
I have not use golang for a long time (Go 1.3 when I use it last time).I search on the internet, finding that “cross compile” has changed much after Go 1.5. Now I do not need to precompile the linux lib using “all.bat”, just set env and go build. I tried your method, and it does work.

Thanks again.

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