Cron job open source infrastructure in go which i can use

Hi All,

I am looking for a Cron job/scheduler based open source framework which is written in Go(preferable but can also look into any other tools).There is a requirement for the frontend where i can see the jobs which are upcoming, status and graphs for analysis, halting the execution of a job, starting the job after a particular time etc…I have looked around in Golang but could not find anything good.All are very basic tools.

Thanks in advance.

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Hi sorry I don’t have a answer for you right now, but I have been working on having a similar infrastructure for my backend since past December the project is called cloak and it is written in Go. The initial project specifications are here (this might change since it is not open to public) feel free to go through it and let me know if you have got any ideas since you are looking to solve a similar problem. You can watch or star the project if you want to get to know the when the initial public release is.

Just saying, it needs a lot of work to be done before release so if you or anybody would like to contribute to this project, DM me, this’ll help to speed up the release.

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Sure man…let me know how shall i connect with you and where shall i start this activity.

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