Creating Hello world simple program

I’m new to this Golang as well as to this form. I just downloaded the go lang. These are the steps that I performed. I’ve Windows.

  1. Downloaded Vscode and go land from the browser.

  2. Placed my Go lang and vs code file in my C drive/ Program Files.

  3. Made a folder named Go lang in E drive (Here I keep all of the coding-related folders, that’s why:) ).

  4. Installed an extension named Go in the VScode and created main.go file in the Go lang folder as mentioned above and wrote this code in integrated terminal go init main.go

  5. I wrote down the code in main.go file as
    package main
    import “fmt”
    func main() {
    fmt.Println(“Hello guys!”)

  6. I run this code from my integrated terminal and wrote down this instruction for running the code: go run main.go

  7. I got this displayed: The system can’t find the file specified.

please help anyone

Can you please share the exact error message, and just in case also tell use where exactly and how exactly you installed the go language “tool kit”.

I am not used to windows, but I am aware that installers sometimes to wonky stuff…

Also “Go lang” as the language toolkit from All releases - The Go Programming Language or “Goland” as in the “IntelliJ IDE” from Download GoLand: A Go IDE with extended support for JavaScript, TypeScript, and databases?

Might be unrelated but when I make Go projects I have to run go mod init.
The problem probably is that since the drives are different and the installation was in a different drive it wont work. You can also check by opening cmd in both drives and type go. It will work properly for c: drive if the path was updated correctly. For e: drive if it doesn’t work you probably have to install it there. Also has this problem appeared on other languages if you have tried.

What happens when you run go version? Like - your path is set up properly, right? In your integrated terminal also do a dir (ls if bash) and examine the output to see if maybe the integrated terminal isn’t being created where you think it is.