Creating a program with bits of other opensource programs?

I’m currently writing my first big go program.
and have a few questions.

first question:
Can I copy small bits of open source programs for my own program
or do I have to import the package?

for example:
I’m writing a windows gui which uses ole32.
do I have to use an opensource package
or can I just copy what I need?

second question:
I’ve ported javascript code to golang
do I have to mention the source?

third question:
I’m not posting the code yet on github because it’s not working yet.
when is the best time to do so?


Answers for all three: it depends on the license of the code you want to copy/have translated.

As soon as you copy code, your code could be seen as a derivative work, which will give full throotle to GPLs virality.

Other licenses might have different culprits.

thanks :slight_smile:

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