Creating a p2p git portal (alternative to github)

I’m working on a peer-to-peer alternative to github (i.e. no servers and no third parties) and would welcome any Golang folks who would be interested in helping.

The aim is to build a web style app that runs in the browser using static HTML so that no server or server side processing is needed. This could be made to run on static web hosting, or better on p2p storage or IPFS, or most easily by using the decentralisation features Safe Network to handle authorisation and issue-spam protection. So while I will be targeting Safe, it would be great to work with others to develop solutions for IPFS or DAT and so on using the same approach and core.

I’ve identified a possible route by compiling go-git/go-billy to wasm (which I believe is working), and also git-bug (which needs some more work - see below), with a Svelte front end.

I have much of the framework in place so am fairly confident I can build a usable proof of concept, but would love some help to speed things along as I think it is a very worthwhile project which from responses online I think many would be interested in using.

If you want to follow, the proof of concept will be published on github as things progress here:

And if you are interested in helping, check out these issues:

  • Golang: make git-bug usable as a package (see issue)
  • Golang: make git-bug use go-billy filesystem (see issue)
  • Svelte/HTML/CSS: create styles to suit a git portal (see issue)

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