Created Godocgen

Hello Gophers!

I created a Go documentation generator application specifically for Go module called Godocgen. Here me out:


The motivation was that I was very tired of waiting for some kind of miracles to happen and is very sick of issuing “$ go doc -all .” every single time when I build my Go codes. Besides, I missed the auto-documentations go doc web-server features back in the days (before Go module was introduced).

Since there are a lot of static sites generator (e.g. Hugo), it was fun and having lots of freedom to design and update documentations via them. The downside is that there is not easy way to host the original Go doc documentations.

So we’re stuck with:

  1. thirst of web-server automated Go documentation.
  2. thirst of freedom provided by third-party static sites generators.
  3. sick of the command line issuance just to check some simple details.

Take Matters Into Hands

That’s where it starts: create a multi-format compatible “engine” for Go doc and solve this gap once and for all. For current release, I managed to make it to:

  1. support examples rendering.
  2. output to terminal.
  3. output to text format (.txt)
  4. output to Markdown format (.md)
  5. be fully unit-tested.
  6. be licensed under Apache 2.0 open-sourced license.

Planned features

  1. support DEB pool server installations
  2. support RPM pool server installations
  3. support html output.
  4. use goroutine for performances.

Okay, enough of chit-chat, please check it out at:

Feel free to drop some ideas in its GitLab issue sections! Thank you.

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