Create package which has commands

Hello, am new here and also in Go. So am working on a package that would need the user to generate configuration files after pulling the package. Basically i want the user to run a command like packageName init config then this would create a configuration file within the working directory therefore the user can edit the config file.
Thanks in advance

I think this is what you’re looking for:

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I know Cobra, but what am trying to achieve is my package having its own commands the way Cobra has cobra init so i want my package to do the same like running packageName init app after pulling the package with go get

So their page says you write commands like this:

mkdir -p newApp && cd newApp
cobra init --pkg-name
cobra add serve
cobra add config
cobra add create -p 'configCmd'

And then you’ll be able to run your program like:

go build newApp
newApp serve
newApp config create

You can then add flags or positional arguments to the subcommands. This sounds to me like what you’re looking for.