Create a cheat with golang

Hello everyone, I intend to create a cheat with go but to do so I need some information:

is it possible to do as in C++ to read and write in memory.

Is this kind of code in C++ :

HWND hwnd = FindWindowA(NULL, “mywindow”);

is it also valid in go?

If you refer to this function which

Retrieves a handle to the top-level window whose class name and window name match the specified strings. This function does not search child windows. This function does not perform a case-sensitive search.

I’d say that it is C++ for Windows and not related to Go at all.

But how is this question related to a possible cheat cheat for Go?

I wanted to know if go would be a good programming language for the game hacking

I still think we’re unclear on what you’re trying to do. You can probably use Go, but I suspect you could probably use C, C++ or Python. If you can make your question more specific, we can get you a better answer.

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If you want to make a cheat, golang isn’t good.
cheat need to write memory. it’s not just using windows api.
golang have pointer, but it don’t similar to c++ pointer.
go cannot operate memory directly.

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I can share my finding when I last developed a cryptography library seeking zero-byte memory deletion: it’s better off with c or c++. The second option is integration via cgo then use c/c++ to manage those memory location at a very low level domain.

The closest I ever got myself to low-level memory was this:

I’m curious and open to learn other options available in Go so others please enlighten too.

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