Courses or books for web development with Golang

Could someone please recommend some good course or book to build web applications with golang? I’ve already some back-end background with Node, mongo and express.

I found to be a good starting point, coming from a NodeJS / Java background.

I’m working my way up to the Todd McLeod course on Udemy:

Bought it but but not really started it yet, just explored some of the Json content and it looks good so far.

I’m also working through Todd’s other Udemy course on learning Go:

I’m enjoying that one too.

I launched this course today:

It is meant to be like Michael Hartl’s Rails Tutorial, but for Go.

Todd’s course and this one are pretty good compliments to one another from what I have seen. Todd focuses a lot on the std lib and different parts of it, while I take a more pragmatic approach of building a large web app from scratch and showing you the pieces as we need them to solve our particular problems along the way.

Both teach a lot, but they also teach different things and in very different ways. Regardless I believe both my own course and Todd’s are great. It just kinda depends on what you want to do.

If you are familiar with dev and just want to see how all the pieces go together to build large app then mine would likely be slightly better as Todd’s never really has you build a single large application.

If you really want to understand each individual piece of the net/http std lib then Todd’s probably covers those in more detail.


That looks amazing! I’ll definitely be buying that as soon as the geek account can cover it (in a month or two).
From the description it’s spot bang on in terms of content and approach.

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