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Can anyone recommend a good part-time course to learn Go for someone who needs to start with the basics. Ideally something that I can work on for a few hours a week over the course of a month or two. I’ve done a few courses in R on EdX, but couldn’t find one on Go.

If anyone can recommend a book that I can work through, that would be just as good, maybe preferable to an online course.

Many thanks!


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I gave the first pass of an introduction to Go course in Japan earlier this month. The slides and examples are online,

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I’ve been running through Todd McLeod’s course on Udemy and its been pretty nice as far as learning the basics of a language.


I saw your course in my initial googling, just prior to seeing that it was a bit far away for me! Thanks for pointing me to this and providing the slides.

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Yes, that looks like exactly the sort of scale and level I was looking for. Thanks.

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If you want to learn Web Dev (or start with it) I would highly reccomend: It is great if you’re also getting started with Go, as it goes through the installation process, foundational Go knowledge, and making Web Apps with Go.

I think a very under used resource is A Tour of Go do every section, read all of the text, and do all of the challenges. It’s a great resource for learning the basics of Go and all of the key words.

As Dave Cheney mentions he does lots of talks and anyone of them will have you understanding Go to a much more proficient level.

For books I like Go in Action so you can start learning idiomatic Go design patterns(Geared towards beginners with previous dev experience).

Overall with simple Google searches you can find tons of resources, but the most important thing is to experiment. Think of crazy things and try to make them!

Good luck

Unless you’re a complete beginner to programming I would recommend you don’t spend time on a course. :slight_smile: I think Brandon M’s approach is a good one, although I would recommend the Go Programming book over Go in Action.

This was my approach when I decide to learn Go:

I woke up early one Sunday morning, worked through A Tour of Go then read through the other sections of Learning Go docs. After that I started writing an simple program to analyse some EPUB ebooks. By the end of the day I had a working prototype. From then on I just started writing more stuff. Some simple web sites, and various other little tools.

The language is very easy to get going with, and I’m certainly not a very experienced developer: I’m 46 y/o with about a year of professional dev experience, and for about four years before that I built various Ruby on Rails applications.

So, just get cracking and build stuff!

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Thank you for all the suggestions - I will certainly come back to this page for further resources. I have started the Udemy course, and also the go tour - which I didn’t actually realise was a fairly substantial resource.

Enjoying it so far!

All best,

Todd McLeod’s course on Udemy, best course ever

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