Conway's Game of Life - memory error

(Dawid Dul) #1


I wanted to see what “go” is all about and when playing with the “Try Go” scripts I noticed that the “Conway’s Game of Life” does not work as it should when run as is. I tried on Chrome with two PCs and two different systems (Windows and Linux) and always got a memory error.

go tool compile: exit status 2
fatal error: runtime: out of memory

I’m not sure if this is a real problem, not everybody is probably affected but it, but well… it does not look nice :wink:

It would suffice to reduce the default input in:
l := NewLife(10, 15)
to fix the problem.

Best wishes

(Johan Dahl) #2


If you run it from it is not run in your browser but on some server and the output is sent to your browser. I tested also and made an issue about it:

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