Converting EPS to a rasterized image format

I will have users uploading EPS files, and I need to create a thumbnail image of those files. I think most newer EPS files have a TIFF preview embedded in the EPS file, but I haven’t been able to get that out. I know the TIFF preview file should be encoded using Ascii85, but I didn’t find anything after converting it.

ImageMagick doesn’t have a Go library, but there is one for C, but I haven’t tried that yet. And my C is a little rusty.

I’m thinking I might need to create these thumbnails outside of Go, maybe with a BASH script and a cronjob, but that is the last resort.

I feel like I’ve gone down a few rabbit holes without finding any signs of a rabbit. I would greatly appreciate any direction anyone may be able to provide.

Edit: I searched all day for this, but found what I needed shortly after creating this post.

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