Convert/Pass the contents of a struct to []String


New to go.

Working with some code, and overview is I would like to convert the contents of a struct, which is holding unmarshalled json into an array so it can be used in an API that only accepts []string format.

I have tried various ways of doing this, but being new I’m obviously missing something simple.

i.e. struct
type Log struct {
CommonLabels CommonLabels json:"commonLabels"

type CommonLabels struct {
name string json:"name"
note string json:"note"

So I have values in my struct and can print them if addressing them as etc

But I would like to have the name and note for example in a []string format. So I can pass the values to the matching field in the API.

cheers in advance


You could use a function:

func (cl CommonLabels) Slice() []string {
    return []string{, cl.note}

Thanks, I’ll look at this, I have managed to move things along by getting the labels out as, and Log.CommonLabels.note into an fmt.sprintf string then converting that into a slice

mylabelsfull := fmt.Sprintf(mylabels)
myslice := []string{mylabelsfull}

Being new I always struggle to call a function to manipulate code in go.

It May not be pretty but works for me.

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