Contributing to a Go library on GitHub

I would like to add some functionality to the IOTA Go API Library, iota.lib.go. After I fork the repository on GitHub and clone it locally all the *.go files point to the wrong package name, which is in this case giota. Thus I get errors; however, I can resolve these by renaming the folder from iota.lib.go to giota, add the functionality and then rename the folder again to iota.lig.go, but that seems awkward. Am I doing something wrong and if so, how should it be done properly? Thanks.

Just clone from instead and file an issue that they should document the proper way of contributing.

It looks like they had iota.lib.go as repository name, realized it isn’t go gettable this way, renamed it to giota, and then renamed it back to have github redirect the requests…

In my opinion this is pretty hacky, especially since they did not document this behaviour.

Alternatively you can just rename the folder to giota and leave it as this, it won’t harm anything…

Thanks Norbert!

PS: its easier to answer when one hasn’t to google the lib you are actually talking about :wink:

My bad! Next time I will add the repo link.

For other readers it’s:

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