Connect different database instance using one query

Hi, i have database A in and database B in different server respectively. Is there any way can join them together to select query?

Thanks for helping.

While there are many options how to connect to both databases, you will not get the option of native queries over tables from both databases. This is because SQL is sent to the database and the result is computed by the database server and returned to your program.
The only way for a single SQL query to use tables of both databases is if the databases are connected in some way supported by the DBMS (look for linked database/linked tables in your database manual).

The only way fora program to combine data from two distinct databases is to send two separate SQL queries to the databases and combine the results.

This possible.

Create first structure
Connect database
Query and assign to struct Variable.

Repeat same propose for second database

Create third struct join both struct by using map.

This will create single object .

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