Configure linting in VS code go plugin

Hi, I’m trying VS code and I can’t configure the linting or whatever it does. I want it to stop giving me certain warnings.

If I was using, I could disable “all” in a line above the false positive with //lint:ignore all reason.

But I’m not using Should I? Won’t I regret it? I don’t know how to install it, too. The situation is, I thought VS code looks kind of nice. But false positives on unsafe.Pointer are not.

I’m not sure whether the VS Code go plugin is worth the hassle.

Thank you.

Hi @noo,

I am not at my computer ATM to check this, but it should be possible to select the linter in the settings or directly in settings.json.

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Hi, thank you, I went to the settings, searching for lint, and there’s indeed the drop down field. Unfortunately it has always been set and is now still set to “staticcheck”, which I guess is So I’m not sure why //lint:ignore all reason and //lint:ignore-file all doesn’t seem to make a difference.

I could try find a warning code… I mean, I didn’t even find the code for “unsafeptr”, or maybe that is the code, but it’s not documented. So I tried the others (golint, revive, golangcli-lint) and they are more strict and show like 50 more warnings. Hm.

I’m not ranting, but…


Many of them seem to be “unused”-warnings. The whole unused-hygiene in Go is driving me nuts :wink: I wish Go had a keyword to turn off that prototyping/productivity killer. Never had any problem in Go that was more annoying than this.