Code obfuscation/anti-debugging measures

There are pieces of software (to name a few, EXECryptor, Themida, Code Virtualizer etc) that “obfuscate”/encrypt executable to make reverse engineering of it as difficult as possible. We are currently using some of them for out non-Go pieces of software.

Are there, perhaps, Go modules capable of doing the same or similar job natively? Using the external tools for that purpose isn’t convenient, and it is always a pain in the head to find a multi-platform solution.

(yes, I know there’s no absolute protection against reverse engineering, and existing techniques just ward off the majority of people trying to alter/crack the application)

A few things come to mind:

  • Walk the AST, scrambling symbols, package names, etc.
  • Look into the things that affect binary size and try to avoid them
  • A tool that converts js or wasm into C (I think such a thing exists?) could be helpful
    • go -> js/wasm -> C -> binary
    • Obfuscation tools for js or C could be used at those stages

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