CI/CD for go apps, looking for feedback

I have a made a side-project in my spare time - NativeCI - CI/CD for go applications - Would be glad to receive any feedback on how the project can be improved and which features you would like to see :slight_smile:

looks cool,
you can add support for go test commands to run tests
also you can add some linter support (e.g. golangci-lint)

btw, there are some repositories/projects which use e.g. go-gl/glfw. they need to install some additional dependencies (like libgtk3-dev e.t.c) and build gets stuck without it

Thanks, good idea, especially with testing, would be useful to have a dedicated place to view passed/failed tests and possibly to extract additional information.
Linting is also a good idea and could be disabled/enabled optionally

Yes currently, you can specify custom Dockerfile to deploy and basically install custom dependecies as you have full control. However, it is pretty clear that not everyone wants to mess with those files and just wants stuff to work. I am thinking about allowing people to specify custom dependencies to install as project settings, what do you think about it, what would be the easiest way for you to use that feature?

what would be the easiest way for you to use that feature?

maybe a field in settings: apt-get install [ list of packages ]

@paladium is it possible to add CI as a PR test on GH?

Good idea, thanks

Currently, it is not possible but looks like an interesting idea to me. Basically allow to run pipeline every time someone opens a pull request, just like TravisCI?

By the way, I added the feature for testing the projects, you can try it out and let me know what you think )

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to run linter, you can check if .golangci.yaml exists

Yes seems like a good idea to implement :slight_smile:

Thanks, will do.

hmm @paladium I think, that I have a problem with setup of OpenDiablo2 project.
build hangs up at some point.:

here is my setup:

btw.: where can I report a problem (open an issue on GH)?

Hi, I will look into this and you can open issues at

Yeah found the problem, your repository had uppercase letters and turns out docker does not allow uppercase names for the image name :), try to build it again and it should work.

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works fine, thanx