Check out the search engine i created with Golang

feel free to suggest and notify all the good things.
Thank you!

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Can you provide the source code?


Unfortunately, no!

What differentiates your search engine from others? How do you get your data? Do you actually crawl websites, or is this using for example Google or Bing’s indexes?

And why show us at all if you are not planning on releasing the source code? This looks more like a attempt at getting others to use your website.

Why should we trust you with our search history instead of the other already established services that provide this information? :slight_smile:

Recently I have posted a code on this forum named BingBot

That crawls search engine and also crawls the sites (from the results)!

That’s the crawler I’ve used! And the index is not so complex, it sorts the results by a simple site rank (every page from that site adds 1 with the rank, most ranked site appears first)

I am not going to release the source code because, The code has too much bugs, After debugging I will release them on my github account. And mostly, this app (site) contains two messenger bot , 1 telegram bot , and 1 dialogflow api. Yes! i could release the code by slicing the project directories.

And I did,

I’ve released the

  1. Crawler
  2. The Bot
  3. Reader View Generator [Unreleased]
  4. Image Proxy [Unreleased]

Those unreleased projects are releasing in this week.

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