Check if directory is a mountpoint

How to check if golang if a directory is a mountpoint and what is the device behind the mountpoint?

What OS? What kind of mount: FAT drive, WebDAV, CIFS, …?

  • Linux (rhel and ubuntu)
  • multipath device (e.g : /dev/mapper/mpathd)
  • The filesystem on the mountpoint is less relevant, just want to know if dirX is a mountpoint and if so what is the device of this mountpoint?

I can do something simple like this:
func getMount(mountdir string) (string, error){
res, err := exec.Command(“sh”, “-c”, fmt.Sprintf(“mount | grep -w %s”, mountdir)).Output()
if err != nil{
return “”, err
lines := strings.Split(string(res[:]), “\n”)
if len(lines) != 1{
return “”, fmt.Errorf(“bad mount output”)
fields := strings.Fields(lines[0])
if len(fields) != 6{
return “”, fmt.Errorf(“bad mount line formating”)
return device, nill

but of cause its better to do it in golang way

Maybe os.File.Stat() contains something useful?

It returns a os.FileInfo.

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You can parse /proc/self/mountinfo to get a list of all mount points and their backing device.

You can then maybe use multipath to get any further information your looking for.

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