Chat application with Rest Api connection

I make an app which is a chat application. I am looking a scale algorithm. Firstly i have a front end side which is react app. User enter the localhost/room/roomid, i fetch room id and token which is in my localstorage. and then i trigger the websocket with token and room id in this case i can seperate the users to room. This is okay. But my aim is that. firstly I take the last 10 messages with the normal API. Then I print it on the screen. Then I append the socket messages normally with append and save them to the database. Is this the right approach?

How is this question related to Go?

developing my server with go programing language

Do you have any problem with the Go server code?

To communicate ReactJS with Golang, you need to create Golang API (returning JSON). So, are you looking for the code to do that?

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