Centrifugo v1.2.0 released – real-time messaging server in Go supporting Websocket and SockJS connections

Yesterday I released new version of Centrifugo – it’s 1.2.0 with some new features.

The main idea of server is simple and common – Centrifugo keeps persistent connections from application clients subscribed on various channels. And Centrifugo provides API to send message into channel so all interested clients receive it. There are lots of stuff beyond this short description of course.

I don’t think this server is a great fit for gophers as in most cases it’s probably a better idea to build real-time features into your Go application backend core and not depend on separate real-time server like Centrifugo. But it can be useful anyway - depends on situation. But for other languages like Python, PHP, Ruby and others that do not support network concurrency out of the box (and for frameworks built on top of those languages) it can be a lifesaver.

Hope you find a time to look at this project and provide any sort of feedback.


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