Carotid Artillery is an open source twin-stick shooter created using ebiten

You are trapped in a dungeon crawling with vampires dying to have you for dinner. Ward off demons by eating more garlic in one night than you’ve eaten in your entire life.

Code: tslocum/carotidartillery: Twin-stick shooter - carotidartillery - Rocket Nine Labs

Play: Rate Carotid Artillery by rocketnine for Vampire Themed Game Jam - October 2021 -

Hello, @tslocum

Just finished to play the game.
It looks and feels impressive!

I tried to install it locally but it seems something is wrong. I am using Go 1.16.2 and the command below does not work:

go install

I do not see any errors and the binary does not appear in GOBIN folder.
Maybe I can enable verbose mode to see where the binary file can be?

Thanks Yehor,

I tried running the command on my machine just now, and a binary is saved to ~/go/bin/carotidartillery.

Please try running the following command to print verbose information while compiling:

go install -x

If you still don’t see anything out of the ordinary, make sure GOBIN matches the folder you are checking:

go env

The response to the first command is:

yehor@desktop:~$ go install -x
# get
# get
# get
# get 200 OK (0.320s)
# get
# get 200 OK (0.040s)
# get 410 Gone (2.674s)
# get 410 Gone (2.675s)
//go:build comment without // +build comment

I am using go1.16.2, probably this version is old to the program?

I love the Ebiten project and I’m glad to see people using it. I just tried the game and it ran really smoothly in the browser. Great work!

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