Captcha Harvester

I’m looking for a developer to make me a captcha bypass package.

I want the program to open a window that allows users to log in to their Google account (save the session so it can be used for captcha solving… being logged in to google helps get on-click captchas and not have to click images).

The window will then remain open until I use a function to make the window load a captcha. the function will have the following arguments siteUrl and siteKey (the sites captcha key)… the page that’s open will then display the captcha for the user to solve. Once the captcha is solved the g-captcha-response token should be saved to a dict with the site url and time it was solveed… the captcha should then be reloaded so the user can solve it again and a new response token can be stored.

So the dict will have multiple tokens for multiple sites.
siteUrl => g-captcha-response token => solve time

so I can get all the tokens for the site url.

Please let me know if this is something you can do, I’d like it to use this package if possible;

I’ve found a github repo that does somthing like this, it’s written in NodeJS and you can use it as a base.

Hey Alex,

I can help: anna(dot)cis23(at)gmail(dot)com