can't load package: package .: cannot find package “.” in…

I have two folders projects with Golang projects. In the first all projects works, but in the other a have “can’t load package: package .: cannot find package “.”” in all projects.

  1. E:/Clouds/hubiC/GoLang/test/test.go
  2. E:/Clouds/OneDrive/CX/GoLang/test/test.go

With the same code…

package main

func main() {

In the 1… all fine:

c:/go/bin/go.exe build -i [E:/Clouds/hubiC/GoLang/test] Success: process exited with code 0.

In the 2… :S

c:/go/bin/go.exe build -i [E:/Clouds/OneDrive/CX/GoLang/test] can’t load package: package .: cannot find package “.” in: E:\Clouds\OneDrive\CX\GoLang\test Error: process exited with code 1.

Why happend this?

I am using

go version go1.10 windows/amd64


Something in OneDrive confuses readers. This is a problem in the Erlang eco system as well. This is somewhat related to how windows deals with symlinks. I didn’t understand the complete issue in Erlang, but I am aware of the general problem.

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