Can't get information into channel

This is the link to the code I have written to parse over a document and find the lines with information missing. When I move the info into msgs channel, it is not working. Please let me know how to correct this.

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Please, describe what is actual behaviour of the task, what it’s expected behaviour and what are you trying to do. It’s hardly to test it without sample of .csv file.

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I made some refactoring on your code, there were a few problems. But I will just point two of them that causes the issue that you mentioned.

You are calling two goroutines:

wg.Add(1)## make it wg.Add(2) to wait for two goroutines
go consume(whichones)
go produce("PeopleEx1.csv", &wg)

Second, when you are done with your producer, you need to stop consumer too.
(Take a look at
To do that; you can call the close(msgs) channel, and change your receiver channel as below:

select {
		case a, ok := <-msgs:
				if !ok {
					fmt.Println("INFO: exiting from consume")
				d := missing(a)
				if d == false {
					whichones = append(whichones, counter)

here is the refactored code:


Thank you so much this worked perfectly!

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