Can't explain golang benchmarks

I have been spending my day over implementing an efficient PubSub system. I had implemented one before using channels, and I wanted to benchmark that against sync.Cond. Here is the quick and dirty test that I put together a gist here. Now my confusion starts when I change GOMAXPROCS to test how it would perform on my age old Raspberry Pi. Here are results:

mxp@carbon:~/repos/raspchat/src/$ GOMAXPROCS=8 go test -run none -bench Multiple -cpuprofile=cpu.out -memprofile=mem.out -benchmem
BenchmarkPubSubPrimitiveChannelsMultiple-8   	   10000	    165419 ns/op	      92 B/op	       2 allocs/op
BenchmarkPubSubWaitGroupMultiple-8           	   10000	    204685 ns/op	      53 B/op	       2 allocs/op
ok	3.749s
mxp@carbon:~/repos/raspchat/src/$ GOMAXPROCS=4 go test -run none -bench Multiple -cpuprofile=cpu.out -memprofile=mem.out -benchmem
BenchmarkPubSubPrimitiveChannelsMultiple-4   	   20000	    101704 ns/op	      60 B/op	       2 allocs/op
BenchmarkPubSubWaitGroupMultiple-4           	   10000	    204039 ns/op	      52 B/op	       2 allocs/op
ok	5.087s
mxp@carbon:~/repos/raspchat/src/$ GOMAXPROCS=2 go test -run none -bench Multiple -cpuprofile=cpu.out -memprofile=mem.out -benchmem
BenchmarkPubSubPrimitiveChannelsMultiple-2   	   30000	     51255 ns/op	      54 B/op	       2 allocs/op
BenchmarkPubSubWaitGroupMultiple-2           	   20000	     60871 ns/op	      43 B/op	       2 allocs/op
ok	4.022s
mxp@carbon:~/repos/raspchat/src/$ GOMAXPROCS=1 go test -run none -bench Multiple -cpuprofile=cpu.out -memprofile=mem.out -benchmem
BenchmarkPubSubPrimitiveChannelsMultiple 	   20000	     79534 ns/op	      61 B/op	       2 allocs/op
BenchmarkPubSubWaitGroupMultiple         	  100000	     19066 ns/op	      40 B/op	       2 allocs/op
ok	4.502s

I tried multiple times and results are consistent. I am using Go 1.8, Linux x64, 8GB RAM. I have multiple questions:

Why do channels perform worst than sync.Cond in single core results? Context switching is same if anything it should perform worst.
As I increase the max procs the sync.Cond results go down which might be explainable, but what is up with channels? 20k to 30k to 20k to 10k :frowning: I have a i5 with 4 cores, so it should have peaked at 4 procs (pst. I tried 3 as well it’s consistent).
I am still suspicious I am not making some kind of mistake in code. Any ideas?

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