Cannot run a specific project


I am all new to go and just want to use it for running a single project as an end user. But alas, I fail…

I try to run GitHub - IngmarStein/mielesolar: Trigger Miele SmartStart with SolarEdge inverters on a Raspi Pi 3b.

I installed go as user “pi” following these instructions A Better way to install Golang (Go) on Raspberry Pi – E-Tinkers

the installation instructions on the projects’ page still say to use “go get” - which is deprecated. I tried go mod init and then got a “invalid import path” on go get, and with go install i get a “project is not in GOROOT” error.

(Also tried docker but that one fails with a “wrong architecture” error").

Can anyone explain a noob on how to run this project properly and how to start it automatically on pi’s system startup? Thanks!

No one? Sorry for asking again, but I am really not familiar with go and cant solve the problem myself. Help is highly appreciated.

Instead of go get have you considered just cloning and go build, mv ...?

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