Cannot install go-sdl2 "Fatal Error: SDL2/SDL.h, no such file or directory"

Hello Everyone

Im trying to install the “SDL-GO”-Package for Go. I managed to get SDL Installed itself with this tutorial on how to install it on Windows:

But I unfortunately still cannot SDL2-GO from go get , I always get this error message:

In file included from go\pkg\mod\\veandco\go-sdl2@v.0.4.10\sdl\audio.go:4:./sdl_wrapper.h:2:11: fatal error: SDL2/SDL.h No such file or directory
2 | #include <SDL2/SDL.h>
compilation terminated.

The only thread I was able to find online about this error is that I should try to install the 32-bit Version of Go. But I wanted to ask you guys if there is anything else I have missed? I want to use the 64-Bit Version for Windows if Possible. I am pretty new to Go, so it is possible that I missed something fairly obvious^^.

Thank you for your help.



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