Can we use Go instead of python for security?

Hello Guys,
can we use Go instead of python for security? and is it a good choice for Security and hacking?

What do you mean by ‘security’? Please be more specifict and tell us what kind of problem you want to solve.


Freshly I want to start to be security and become be white hat. my friend said to me I must learn these topics
LPIC 1/2/ (3)
Python / ( Perl / JS )

now I want to instead of Python, Perl or JS learn just Golang and write my tools if I need with just Golang. is it possible or I must learn these three languages? and if is it possible to secure things or penetration tests with Golang is it a good decision or not?

Most of these topics are not related to any specific programming language. An exception might be web security where knowledge of JavaScript probably is required since it is the only language that runs in web browsers.

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I think I would say “yes” to your question, based on what I understand. Go is similar to Python in that it is a very simple (in a lexicon sense) language, so there isn’t as much to memorize or know. The downsides are not necessarily the same, but relate to solutions to similar problems (e.g. Garbage Collection).

Go also gives you surface area to develop very fast execution and delivery pipelines in the form of containers, which can definitely be useful from a security standpoint.

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Honestly, I think there is no way around Python, mainly in the security area, for the simple fact that many tools are offering a Python interfaces. Also, Python is perfect for fast prototyping.

Go however is perfect for developing independent applications that might be relevant in security area, like web crawlers, security scanners, web applications, cryptographic calculations, etc, because of it’s great support for concurrency - it became my favorite language, meynwhile I even prefer it to Python. Python has a big disadvantage with any CPU intensive concurrent tasks due to its GIL (global interpreter lock), which basically allows you to only take advantage of one CPU core. If you must do really heavy number crunching, plain C might be more suitable to avoid time loss because of Go’s garbage collector; however, there are rare cases where this becomes really relevant.

All in all, I would say, a combination of Go and Python might be a good choice. I think Perl is no longer essential, it was relevant 10 years ago. Today, passive knowledge of it is enough, you might still find it in some older web applications. Javascript and Php are of course relevant for web applications in general, and you definitely must know both of them passively to perform good penetration tests, as in these situations it is not you who decides about the relevant languages, but the setup of your customer. With a bit lower importance, Java is also something to be aware of in this setup.

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