Can we skip the [ann] prefix?

(Jakob Borg) #1

The category already implies this.

(Jiahua Chen) #2

I think the category also includes posts about questions of how to use a specific package/project.

(Jakob Borg) #3

So let’s create a subcategory, it’s what they’re for.

(Jiahua Chen) #4

That’s better, not familiar with this forum didn’t know we can do that :smile:

( ) #5

Yup, you should create a “Project Announcements” subcategory and move all the [ANN] topics in there.

(Nate Finch) #6

I think that “questions about packages” and “package announcements” are sufficiently dissimilar as to not need to be related at all. Honestly, I’m not sure the former really merits a category at all. That’s half of programming - asking “hey, does anyone know of some code that does X?”

I’d prefer to see the description for Projects and Packages changed to imply that it is specifically just for announcements, and see questions posted to Getting Help.

(Matt Holt) #7

I’ve renamed Projects and Packages to “Releases” and edited out the [Ann] prefixes since now they are more clearly redundant. (This is the consensus of a few admins, based on user feedback.) Hopefully that’s helpful!

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