Can we make an "APK" for a GO site, in GO environment?

I have make a site in GO environment. I want to make an “APK” for this site. Is there any way in GO environment to make an “APK”? I have already make an “APK” with the help of other sites. I want to know if it is possible in GO environment to make an “APK”.


Assuming you mean writing an app for Android, use gomobile.

Thanks for the reply. As per your suggestion, I have tried to use gomobile. The commands given in the page were:
$ go get
$ gomobile init # it might take a few minutes
In this 1st command runs successfully. But when I runs the 2nd command it is giving this error:-
‘gomobile’ is not recognized as an internal or external command, operable program or a batch file.

I am new in GO programming, so please help and suggest me how to run ‘gomobile’ command.


The first command (go get…) installed gomobile into $GOPATH/bin.

My guess is that $GOPATH/bin is not in your $PATH.

From the errormesssage I do imply that you use Windows as your Operating System.

Please do follow the appropriate description on to add %GOPATH%/bin; (literally) to the front of your Users Environment Variable PATH.

Please be aware that changes are only visible to programs started after the change. For some versions of windows it might be even necessary to logout or restart to have the changes take effect.

If you are using golang 1.8 or newer then it might be that no GOPATH is set. In this case please add that variable and set it to the path that go env lists in the line starting set GOPATH=.

Thanks a lot for the reply, I am trying the points that you have discussed.

Thanks a lot for the reply, I am trying the things that you have discussed.

Please be aware of the fact, that you will also need to have the Android SDK and NDK installed. They do need further setting of environment variables according to their install locations such that gomobile is able to find them.

Thanks a lot for the reply. Now my “gomobile” command is working

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